mardi 13 septembre 2011

She's Alive ... aliiive...

She's alive, yes.. she's  alive..
Finally i got something working, it is still not perfect but the beta is working.
Status of the Project : one button connected to Arduino. When pressed, The Arduino send the commands/addresses in the S&S speech synth to make it speak. At each click on the button i get the same sound (because it send each time the same Rom address) which is the way it should be working.
Next Steps: 
-Analyse the OLS capture (open logic sniffer) to adjust the timing and found why i get some spike on the signals.
-Optimize and clean the code to get a perfect "Speak function" (and release it)
-Add midi feature  
-Add pitch/lfo/filter? midi controlled.
-Create PCB, propose Kits for the community.

How to make it cry :
Please note that the Speech Synth bus is shared with the display,When trying to inject some command in the bus be sure only underscore is displayed on the S&S (for a S&R do WORD MAKER ->GO->ERASE)

Info: Periodically the ctl8 will go high due to the underscore on the display, you will need to inject the code between 2 ctl8 pulse which occur every 7.7ms and pulse duration is approx 780us. So you have 6.9ms to inject your code wich is more than enought..

1. detect the ctl8 pulse
2. Enable TMS (CS high)
3. Reset TMS (bus 0000 + clock)
4. Load address command ( bus 0010 +Clock)
5. 1st address nibble (bus xxxx +clock)
6. Load address command ( bus 0010 +Clock)
7. 2nd address nibble (bus xxxx +clock)
8. Load address command ( bus 0010 +Clock)
9. 3rd address nibble (bus xxxx +clock)
10. Load address command ( bus 0010 +Clock)
11. 4 address nibble (bus xxxx +clock)
12. Load address command ( bus 0010 +Clock)
13. 5 address nibble (bus xxxx +clock)
14. read Rom command (Bus 1000 +clock)
15. Speak command ( Bus 1010 +clock)

to be more clean you shoud do a test speech busy command to be sure the speech synth has finished speaking..

more to come..

3 commentaires:

  1. Cool ! excellent -
    PLEASE add some audio files to listen the result !
    thx . for your job.

  2. the result are glitchs, pieces of spoken words, quite the same as a midispeak (HL kit)