A real online shop will come soon, but during this time i will just create a page.
If you are interested to anything here please drop me a mail at noizeinabox (at)

Speak and Spell

Arduino Speak and spell midi interface PCB
Price 8 Eur + Shipping.

(price include 1 PCB only)
No PCB left.

Speak and Spell LFO
Price 5 Eur + Shipping.

(price include 1 PCB only)

Schematics base on Casper Speak and Spell LFO
it can be used in any circuit bent toy.
(real picture will come soon)


Selectable DMG-01 GameBoy Clock
Adding this inside your DMG-01 and 2 SPDT swith will allow you to select 4 different clock frequencies :
1: 4.194304MHz
2: 2.097152MHz
3: 1.048576MHz
4: 524.288kHz
 Price 7 Eur + Shipping.
 (price include PCB, Caps and IC soldered)
(cable and SPDT switches not included)

Modded DMG-01 Per Request.
No enough time to mod DMGs anymore.
Mod availibilty :
- Backlight
- Prosound
- Selectable GB Clock
- Super Gameboy CPU
- Basic Painting
- Custom Color button / Screen Protector


Coming Soon

Deep Bass Prosound PCB
This is a full replacement of headphone DMG-01 PCB.
With 2 jack, the normal headphone jack, and a Deep Bass prosound output (more deep bass than the classic prosound)

 Variable and fixed GB clock
 change the pitch with a pot or select a defined value.

 Teensyboy. Arduinoboy on a teensy with usb Midi
 Currently porting the code, and willl build a small shield to get mode button and leds.

 NES controller adaptator.
(use you NES controller on your gameboy without  modification to you Nes Controller

SammischSID controller
Do you want live control on your sammischSid .. with all parameter directly controllable.?

Distortion unit for the MC-09.

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