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Electronics and Arduino :
Understanding 555 Timer :
Arduino and electronics :

Amp  Op circuit design :

online video lectures about synth schematics.

Program Arduino with Buspirate :

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Shops  :
good audio kits :

DIY AVR Synth        impressive.,52487.0.html
Neutron7 Wavetable Synth

DIY AVR Sampler 

DIY AVR Sequencer
eqDuino, Auduino based synthesizer with 16 step sequencer.

interactive generative sequencer

simple analog drum machone :


Amp and FX Projects
Arduino Realtime FX :

Filters/overdrive :

Arduino and TouchScreen

Noize and experiment blog & forum

MidiBox sequencer

Speech chip
Rare Speech chip

DIY controller

Circuit bending



Arduino and Midi

Serial to Midi Converter

the stribe
 RFID : 

Arduino and Wifi
Wishield and OSC :

Others :

Sid Emulator :

255 voice sound generator

Midi for Ipad

SSM2044 Filters or cem3320

Small Preamp :

Midi Kaossilator mod

Canon powershot custom firmware :

Sid relateed stuff :
Sid theme finder :

The missing link

Direct Digital Syntesis

Clone 808 sounds

General eclectronics :