jeudi 15 août 2013

TeensyBoy official release

Fellow Chipmusicians,
EDIT : Jul 2014 Rev 2.2 is available you can download it here :

Changes : modified delay (500us) to send data to GB on MGB mode. Should help to fix notes drop

Today is the official release of the TeensyBoy.

What is a TeensyBoy ?
- It is simply a Arduinoboy on a Teensy 2.0.

What are the differences between Arduinoboy and TeensyBoy ?
- TeensyBoy is USB midi instead of classic Midi DIN connector, it doesn't need any driver just plus usb and it is recognized as a USB midi device

Is that all ?
- not exactly, Teensyboy is globally the same size as a Arduino Pro Mini ( so very small), more powerful than a Arduino Pro mini, As it is Midi USB it need less components.

What are the difference in usability ?
- None, all Arduinoboy modes as been ported to work on the teensy, so usage is exactly the same.
The only difference is that there is no Max/MSP patch to configure it because it can be reconfigured with Arduino IDE directly with the USB

How to build one ?
- Follow the schematics or cabling diagram, upload the code and that's it !
source code available at googlecode
EDIT : Jul 2014 Rev 2.2 is available you can download it here :

Arduinoboy mode available on Teensyboy :
1.LSDJ Slave :                     Working !
2. LSDJ Master:                   Working ! (tested with Ableton live 8)
3. LSDJ KEYBOARD mode: Working !
4. Nanoloop :                       Working ! (tested with nanoloop 1.6.3 demo)
5. mGB :                              Working !
6. LSDJ Midi Map :              Working !
7. LSDJ Midi Out :               Working !

The original code is from Trash80 the creator of ArduinoBoy.

Cabling diagram :

Schematics :

Some pictures :

Teensyboy builded in the DMG (thanks to maniacfreakquency for the pic) :

So what's next ?
- Probably a small pcb for the shield maybe with smd leds and resistors.

Thanks to Trash80, maniacfreakquency, NEX, little-scale and all chipmusicians

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