vendredi 25 mai 2012

GameBoy screen LCD fix with rework station (hot air)

So i tested my 2 DMGs and guess what .. lcd probs .. vertical lines problems.
-  on one Gb i got one line not working.
-  on the other a lot of line are not working maybe 15 lines on each side of the screen.
After some google search it seems that it is quite easy to fix. i saw that with a solder iron we can fix that.
As i have a rework station (hot air) i decided to try with my rework station instead of the solder iron.
I tested to fix the most problematic screen first .. and the result are .....taadaa... work like a charm, using rework station to fix this it's like magic.

I would just do a little warning : do not put too much air flow and the most important DO NOT PUT TOO MUCH HEAT. I would say do not exceed 150 C (degrees celsius)

If you set your rework station above 150C it can melt the plastic of the LCD ..

Some pictures:

                        If you look correctly you can see that i've started to melt the bottom of the screen (yes i started this job at approx 200 C)
The white thing on the bottom of the screen  is the electrical table to fix the black rubber (the one you need to remove to fix that)

and taaddaa .. it work fine again .
Sorry i didn't take any picture before the fix, and during the fix, will try to take some for the next one.

Quick picture for the next step, remove this baby and replace it with the super gameboy one.

I just got a good deal on few super game boy, if it is easy to replace i could do some mod service for game boys.

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