vendredi 17 décembre 2010

Open arduino Speak Status

One part is to do a interface to let Arduino and Speak and spell discuss together ( S&S is old PMOS technology)......... DONE (beta)

the most difficult part .. let Arduino speak the good language to the SPeak and Spell..
Theory is quite easy, See below the simplified version :
the S&S contain a Speech synth and to control it it is a 6 wire bus, 1 clock,1 chip select and 4 bus (address and data).
To get some sound out of it you need to send some command to the speech chip with the rom address of the speech data .

1. reset Speech synth
2. Load address command (2)
3. Send 5 nibble of 4 bits
4. Read Rom Command (8)
5. Speech Command (10)
6. Test Busy command (14) (to check when it finish to speak)

Currently i get some difficulties, i get it to speech each time i want, but it is not always the same sound .. (but the rom data address is always the same).. investigating this issue..

Currently Midi is not implemented into Arduino (quite easy).

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