lundi 9 juillet 2012

noizeInaBox DMG deep bass PCB mount

Currently working on my Deep Bass DMG PCB mount.
It will be a full headphone PCB replacement with 2 new 3.5 mm audio jack. so you won't need to desolder the original DMG headphone jack.
For sound output it will use high quality OxiCaps.

It is impossible to find a 3.5mm jack with the same size and feature as the original gameboy one. (independent normally connected switch), i found a suitable one but with a normally open switch. so i needed to add a 5V cable to it to be able to do the Headphone/speaker switch.

As the prosound jack is the same i've a normally open switch left, which i don't know how to use it for.
i was thinking of some start/select illumination when you plug the prosound jack in.
globally it is a switch that close when you plug the prosound jack in. so it can be used for anything.
if you have a good idea, please let me know.

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