vendredi 6 juillet 2012

noizeInaBox Selectable GB Clock working fine.

I soldered and tested the noizeInaBox Selectable GB Clock and it's working perfectly.

By connecting  VCC or GND to the A and B pins, you can select the desired frequency .

Some pictures and Scope screenshots

 compare the size with a GB battery.
if you look carfeully you can see a short between 2 pins of the IC, this is normal, i forgot a trace on the PCB during PCB creation .. huuuu ..
There is also 3 pad on the board, it is to set a default "value" the the pin B. For example make a short between pad B and GND then add a SPDT swith on GND, VCC and Pin A, will make a 4Mhz/2Mhz selectable oscillator for your GB (if you don't want lower selectable freq).

Some scope trace:
You can see that the frquency is not correct, because there is some drift in the freq. due to the way a tested it, the circuit was plugged on a breadboard then from breadboard to the GB.
also, the GB was powered by a very crappy switching power supply.

The original  GB crystal.

If someone is interested i've a few to sell, with component already soldered. just drop me a email.

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