mardi 28 février 2012

Arduino midi Speak and Spell code release.

Finally i released the code.
It is a very basic version but a working one. You can find schematics and code at :

I've also a few PCB left if someone is interested, drop me a mail.

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  1. Hello,
    I may be interested by your pcbs. Have you done a demo or a video of your last debugged version ?

    Thank you

    1. I don't have a decent video recorder .. the only audio demo i've done so far is in the previous post, it was the speak and read controlled by ableton live (some sample are coming from ableton and the rest from the speak and read)

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  3. Hi I would like a PCB
    How to proceed ?
    I live in Belgium

    1. Hi,

      The PCB cost 7 EUR + shipping
      Or 10 EUR + shipping for the PCB + Arduino stackable Header Kit (2 of each size)

      Registered mail to Belgium cost 7.5 EUR (cost less without registered)
      Just send me a mail to noizeinabox at with your paypal account and i will send you a invoice.
      For info, we could also talk in french because i'm living in the french part of switzerland. :)

      Please remember that this kit is to make circuit bend style sounds (controlled by midi notes), you cannot address allophone to make it speak exactly what you want.
      You can find the schematics, code, BOM on the googlecode page.
      I will try to do a build instructions with pictures but i need some time.