mercredi 1 février 2012

Side project : Monome/Arduinome

Here is a side project i have, Buliding a monome (or arduinome).
I got the PCBs, MCU, silicon buttons for some time ago but didn't get the time to build it.
Finally i started to solder this stuff.
It is based on a biboboard, sparkfun buttons. for the "intelligence" board, i've got  some unsped board (for Arduinome) or a clone of the 40h monome.

 I don't know yet which one i will use for the monome/arduinome. will try both.

Here  some picture of the ongoing build. I won't comment that much the building process as many blog or website already have extensive documentation on this.

Diodes, diodes diodes ...

Soldering Diodes .. 

Finally all diodes soldered.

Starting to solders Leds .. 

 More and more leds.

Led Closeup 

Ouf .. finished the led soldering ..

Looks good .. :)

1 commentaire:

  1. have you finished this one ? Which bezel/face did you used ?
    I have to build one, but it is the hardest part !