mercredi 1 février 2012

New toy, Roland PhraseLab Mc-09

I've got a new toy, the Roland PhraseLab Mc-09.
I was not planning to get this, i just fell on this auction on a website like ebay (but only for switzerland) and i got this for less than 100 US dollars. So, i thought why not .. looks funny

Quick description of the device (taken on Roland website) :

The MC-09 PhraseLab is an all-in-one production tool combining a DSP synth, step sequencer, four-part audio looper and effects processor. With this single instrument, musicians can create fat analog synth and rhythm sounds which can be sequenced and then sampled (along with phrases taken from external sources) using the four-part audio looper. An onboard effects processor and cool functions like Chop make the PhraseLab a killer remix machine.
  • - Tabletop synth/audio looper with onboard sequencing and effects
  • - DSP monosynth creates fat synth lead, bass and rhythm sounds
  • - Audio looper plays back 4 monaural phrases up to 6 sec. each
  • - Onboard step sequencer with easy programming including TR-REC method
  • - Easy automatic looping using BPM and measures
  • - Loop Control function for controlling loop playback via step sequencer
  • - 4 built-in effects: Filter, Isolator, Phaser and Slicer
  • - SmartMedia slot for pattern/audio storage; MIDI In/Out

Before getting a lot of people who hate this device put comments on this post i will express my opinion.
- you don't find a lot of these on the net .. so why not getting one..
- i know that the Drum part sound crappy
- the Audio looper (4 samples) compress the sound and is a bit noisy.
- the DSP TB-303 emulator is not the same sound as a real 303, but sounds correct (especially for the price) ..
- Effect are not the most interesting ones
- the Sequencer is okay ..
- it's between a toy and a musical instrument.
- I would not buy this  for the price of a new

Personally  i found it quite funny to play with, it's simple, small, you don't need to use 10 different devices to do some sounds..  and he got some interesting possibilities ..

Finally why putting this "review" of the Mc-09 here on a electronic blog, simply because the one i bought was so dirty that it need a severe cleaning .. and to clean it correctly you need to take it apart.
I found always interesting to see what's inside, and searching the net, there is not that much info on this device .. so why not adding this info myself.

Teardown on the next post

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