jeudi 9 février 2012

Speak and Spell Arduino New PCB testing

Finally i soldered and tested my new PCB, (v0.8) and it's working fine..  Great News.
I also tested the functionality to power the arduino with Speak and Spell, it's working as well.
I got some prob with the autoshutdown feature, after 3 min, the speak and spell still shut down. Need to verify the code.

Here some pictures.

As you can see a lot of component are on socket or not soldered, the reason : it is the first soldered test of the new PCB, i prefer to put socket to recovers the component if the PCB was not working, that's it.

Here is some sound, not a track or anything musical, only some sound to listen few different sound of a Speak and Read connected to this arduino speak and spell shield :
Test the Arduino midi Speak and Spell interface 1 by noizeInaBox

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