mercredi 1 février 2012

Still no big news ...

No this project is not abandonned ..  and  i know that i didn't put many updates on this blog for a while .. so it's time  for a project status :
I've received the new PCB (only few days ago) but didn't get the time to solder it.

I will also put on this blog some side projects or new toys teardown.
So what's next (i hope this week) :
- Solder and test the new PCB (v0.8)
- Finish and test correctly the Speak Spell Library (basic functions)
- Release the Library code.

A quick picture of the new PCB

If you look at the picture, you can see a Midi in and Out, the Speak Spell won't be able to send midi messages. So midi out is not directly used by the speak and spell., but as the project is open source and driven by a Arduino, you will be able to adapt the code to do send midi messages for anything (add midi nutton, sliders,etc..)
The Speak and Spell Shield is also a Midi shield and all connection between Arduino and Speak and spell bus driver can be removed (with the 10x jumpers) so you can disable all the speak and spell electronics and use it as a pure Arduino midi shield for any projects.

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