vendredi 10 février 2012

Midi Speak and Spell/Read recap

Time for a quick recap of the project.

This project was created to connect the speak and X to a midi device enabling control over midi of the speak and x.
The result id  not to be able to make it speak my own word, but more to create some bending like sounds, similar to the already existing highly liquid kit.

Why i wanted to recreate the wheel ? just because I've tried a highly liquid midi modified speak and spell and i wanted to add more midi controlled function to it, or be able to map on a midi keyboard all preferred sounds (without changing banks for ex.)
There is a second reason : because it's possible. As someone already achieved this, i should try myself and provide the infos to the DIY community.

Current project status : the autoshutdown problem as been resolved. now everything seems to be working fine,
will clean all debug crap in the code and release it ..

Quick test of ableton controling the speak and read. (noizy)

noizeinabox speak and read midi test with ableton by noizeInaBox

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